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Updated 1-15-2022

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Step out in fashion style with your friend

Fashion Style

I've been intrigued by fashion and style for many years. I love beautiful clothes and hairstyles. What we wear says a lot about our personality. I'm intrigued by the elegance, but fascinated by the boldness of fashion. Fashion can be so different from person to person, because of the simplest things like changing the type of shoe or accessories you pair with your outfit.

For instance, a person wearing the same outfit but 2 different types of shoes, may change the whole fashion statement. 

Here is another example -  A businesswoman may wear certain attire to work, but for her night out with her husband, she may take off the jacket and jazz the fashion statement up with some beautiful jewelry.

a woman with high heel shoes

Jazz up your outfit with some simple fashion tips.

Don't be plain, embellish your outfit.

Below are some ways to adorn your outfit. For instance, wearing a pair of stilettoes with jeans; instead of, tennis shoes can dress up an outfit. Another way is jewelry. Wearing jewelry can make any outfit stand out. Pay attention to details. 

a woman wearing a Choker necklace
A Choker necklace can add some style to your wardrobe

For instance, a choker necklace will give a different appearance than a dangling necklace. Sometimes you have to try different kinds of jewelry to see what catches your eye. Get ready to make your fashion statement and rock your style.

Ways to diversify an outfit :

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