4 Fashion tips for women

updated 10-16-2021

Fashion tips
Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips for Women

In everyday life, we continue to learn things that can help us in every area of life. Over time, I have learned some simple fashion tips I would like to share with you. They range from protecting us from accidentally letting an undergarment slip from under your shirt, playing peek-a-boo, to accessory tips. Here are some tips on fixing those fashion bloopers and making a fashion statement below.

How To Fix Fashion Mistakes

Keep your bra from showing

Have you ever had a shirt in which the sleeves kept falling off your shoulders? You are tired of trying to maintain Your cute appearance; meanwhile, constantly tugging at the sleeve of your beautiful dress or shirt. You may even be in a meeting trying to achieve some business goals and your attire doesn't want to cooperate with you. 

Well, this awesome tip can help keep your bra concealed, while you strut across the room making does business deals.

Try sewing a small piece of fabric and press studs onto your outfit. No more embarrassing bras showing while out on the town.

Sew a piece of cloth to attach bra

Saving your shirt from deodorant stains

Keep some baby wipes handy for when you need to clean deodorant spots off your clothes. As hard as we try; sometimes we can't avoid that oh so dreaded mistake of deodorant all over our fabulous outfit. You don't have time to change or look for another outfit, but if you have a wipe handy, you can walk out neat and clean.

Making A Fashion Statement

Change your shoe appearance

 I love unique ways of changing outfits up with accessories. I've used some clip-on earrings to make a pair of shoes even fancier. For my daughter's prom, I clipped some diamond cluster earrings to her shoes. They were fabulous and she received so many compliments. Remember to always Accessories your outfit.

Change your belt appearance

You can also change your belt style up by making different belt knots as in the pictures below. Make your fashion statement with some creative ways to change up an outfit.

Ways to knot your belt.

Check out ways to knot your belt @ Fashionrolla

Now that you've fixed a few fashion mistakes and upgraded your ways to change your shoes and belt appearance, walk out in style and feel like royalty. You are a dazzling woman with class and style. Ladies, remember to also Protect your eyes with sunglasses while making a fashion statement. Don't forget to check back for articles about fashion, haircare, hair, motivation, and let's talk about its topics.

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