Side Breast Fat? 7 Exercises to Get Rid of It


The Best Exercises To Reduce Side Breast Fat.

Women’s breasts are always at the center of attention. While many ladies dream of having larger breasts, those who really have heave bust can understand the everyday challenges and undergoes. If you are on the list of those who are wondering how to lose side breast fat, here we have the perfect guide for you. Knowing what each exercise is suitable for, you can create a super-looking bust without any risks and surgery.

The Reasons for Having Side Breast Fat

Breasts development starts when you are born, continues with hormone changes in the pubertal period, ends with menopause, and has several steps between each stage. Pregnancy and breastfeeding, obesity, genetics, and body type can also side breast fat causes. All these factors can make the bust grow bigger and gain weight.

When it goes about hormone changes, the levels of estrogen and progesterone immensely increase. It leads to growth of the bust size, to the spring of side breast fat and armpit fat causes. That is why it is natural that many ladies tend to have not huge breasts, but well-shaped and without extra fat on the sides.

The Best Exercise for Side Breast Fat, What is It?

Workout Exercises

Lots of effective workout exercises can change breast size without any side effects of breast fat grafting. Here is our top list.

1.   Push-ups for side breast fat

Push-ups are the most popular side breast fat workout exercises that we can choose from.

How to perform push-ups:

  • Lay down on the floor on the stomach;
  • Palms should be under the shoulders;
  • Lift yourself by the hands’ power;
  • Fix a 90-degree angle in your hands;
  • Lay down and repeat the exercise.

If it is difficult for you to perform classical push-ups, you can try bent-knee push-ups instead. This modified version works up your upper body the same as the classical one, though they are easier for beginners.

2.   Wall press exercises

This technique is very effective if you are looking for anyways how to reduce fat between the underarm and breast.

How to perform wall presses:

  •  Face the wall and place palms on the wall on one line with shoulders;
  •  Press the arms moving the body towards the wall;
  • Return to the previous position and repeat once more.

Include this exercise to your training list as 2-3 repeats for 30 seconds each, and it will benefit your breast line after some workout process.

3.   Cardio workouts

Cardio exercises are an excellent activity if you need to boost your metabolism and cannot lift weights. The good news is that cardio is even more effective for breast fat than strength exercises. Thinking about what side breast fat is, you have to remember that it contains a portion of fat. So, when you focus on cardio exercises like running, jogging, or cycling, or benefit from pre-workout for women, you can shed weight really faster. The breasts are the first part to lose fat when the whole body is getting thinner.

4.   Legs up

The leg-raising exercise is more valuable than it seems to be. It works mostly with abdominal muscles and forms the lower line of your breasts. It is one of the best exercises for side breast fat, making your bust look smaller and feel firmer.

How to perform Legs Up:

  • Lay of the floor on the back keeping hands stretched along the sides;
  • Raise the straight legs from the floor;
  •  Keep a 90-degree angle between your legs and body;
  • Return legs to the floor.

When you perform this exercise, keep your back straight and do not lift it from the floor.

5.   Shoulder shrugs

Trying to reduce your cup size with a non-invasive method, when you doubt if breast fat transfer is safe, do not forget about safe shoulder shrugs. They target mostly upper trapezius muscles, so it works with the upper line of your bust. You can use dumbbells or water bottles for additional weight. This exercise also strengthens the shoulder blades and makes back muscles stronger.


How to perform:

  • Stand straight with legs on the shoulder width;
  • Keep hands hanging straight along the body;
  •  Shrug shoulders up and fix the upper point for 2 seconds;
  •  Repeat the exercise.

6.   Yoga practice

Yoga has lots of physical health benefits, and breast shaping is one of them. Some yoga poses are the best exercises for side breast fat. Bikram yoga looks like it was created to keep the upper body in form and train stability. It contains 26 asanas and 2 breathing techniques. You should practice it under the coach’s control in the room heated up to 105⁰F (40.6⁰C), and no more than 30 minutes. Be careful with this yoga school if you have heart problems or high blood pressure.

7.   Swimming

Are you a swimming fan? Then, you can combine your favorite activity with the idea of reducing side breast fat. It works up your chest muscles, shoulders, and it improves the breast form reducing the cup size. The front and back strokes work with different muscles so that you can tone your body all around. It is especially helpful with side breast fat and armpit fat.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Breast Fat under Control

Exercising is the main step in controlling weight and size, but you can add other activities to benefit your body.

  •  Eat healthy food rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Avoid junk food;
  • Count calories and never overeat;
  • Wear suitable clothes that do not hurt breasts;
  • Be persistent in training. Do not postpone any session of exercises that may lead to regress.


When you already know why do breasts have fat, what may cause the change in your body, you can choose a suitable set of exercises for you before the problem turns to be too annoying.

So, ladies! We hope that you share your results of “before” and “after” in the comments. Stay healthy far from dark side cookies!

Contributor: Rachel is a journalist and blogger living in California and covering for our portal everything about women's health and wellness, including pregnancy and childbirth. She is a mother of two girls. They have three cats and a dog.


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