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Arica Hart, Arica Green on Styles by Arica Beauty Blog
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   Styles By Arica Beauty Blog - About Arica  

Styles by Arica Beauty Blog, Beauty blogger
Styles by Arica Beauty Blog

Welcome to my Beauty Blog. 

Timeline for Styles by Arica Beauty Blog:

  • In 2012, Arica decided to start a beauty blog called "Styles by Arica Hart". 
  • In 2021 the Styles by Arica Hart's blog name changed to " Styles by Arica Beauty Blog | Chic Styles And Fashionwhich featured a variety of topics. It is the same great beauty blog with just a new branding name.
Hairstylist, hairstyles, beauty salon,
Styles by Arica Hart

    Styles by Arica Beauty Blog Features:

  • A variety of hairstyles created by Arica, 
  • Haircare tips for healthy hair growth
  • Beauty tips
  • Fitness Tips
  • Motivation
  • And fashion tips

“I love educating people about hair, & creating beautiful, healthy hairstyles. It’s my desire to motivate people to accomplish their goals with high esteem." Arica

Hair and fashion is my passion. I love to look good and see other ladies look good as well. I believe, we need to have a whole head-to-toe style experience in our life. Below is some information about my blog and me.


 There will be fashion styles by different brands that I love to wear on the beach, vacations, special events, and everyday occasions. These outfits and accessories are beautiful, graceful, and elegant to the eye. I didn't design the clothes, but I love to style and profile them. Don't forget to take a look at some of these fashion outfits under the  Fashion Tab. One post is of a Leopard print dress. Another one is Fashion elegance on the beach.

Beauty Blogger
Me at the beach!

Hair Styles by Arica Hart: ( Now known as Arica G)

There are hairstyles I have created on this blog; as well as, hair care tips to help you keep your hair vibrant and healthy. Take a look under the protective styles, hair care & trendy style tabs. Here is an article on Stuffed twist hairstyles for those low maintenance days. Another one is Rock your hairstyle with confidence.

Hair Blogger

Styles by Arica Hart's introduction video.

See more hairstyle and haircare tips on Full " Styles by Arica Hart" BLOG

Beauty blogger name Arica Green, which Was Arica Hart
Hairstylist | Beauty Blogger

Let's talk about it:

A section for talking about a variety of things. One article is The diversity between African American hair and Caucasian hair/ all hair is beautiful.

More about Arica:

My name is Arica. 
  • I am a Blogger / Speaker / Stylist. 
  • I am a licensed cosmetologist (hair stylist) located in the United States. 
  • I have a degree in Business Management & Marketing. 
  • I love the experiences of continually meeting so many beautiful people and enjoying life. I strive to be the best I can; meanwhile, motivating others to reach their dreams and goals in life. 

My mission is to communicate effectively the different ways to maintain healthy hair while wearing trendy & beautiful styles with a positive attitude. I do a variety of hairstyles; such as sewins, stuffed twists, updos, wraps, & protective styles. You can find some of my hairstyles on FacebookPinterest & YouTube. Don't forget to follow my pages.
Hair Blogger, Arica G
Master Stylist - Arica Hart - Arica G

Here are some healthy hair tips from my blog.

Arica and other informative writers contribute to Styles by Arica Beauty Blog.

Inveigle Magzine

Arica Hart - Arica G
Arica Green (Arica G.), previously known as Arica Hart

I am also the Founder and Editor-in-chief of a Lifestyle Magazine called Inveigle Magazine. A premier Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine. With its motivating messages, We cover topics that entice you towards positive changes and increase the quality of life. We have a variety of topics including Beauty, Fitness, Health, Hair, Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Motivation, Relationships, Celebrity, Health, and Social Sciences
I am Arica Green (Arica G) previously known as Arica Hart. I invite you to look around Styles by Arica Beauty Blog and  Inveigle Magazine and enjoy your day! 

Arica Hart is also the host of Inveigle Magazine Podcast

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Host: Arica Hart- Arica G

Styles by Arica Beauty Blog- Arica G

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