Stuffed twist hair styles for those low maintenance days

   By Arica Hart, Master Stylist
updated 9-09-2020

Stuffed Twist Hair Styles

With the busy lifestyle of so many women, there's barely enough time to relax. The Hustle and bustle of everyday life can be taxing. Even with all this, we must make time to stay looking fine as wine while making heads turn. 

Doesn't it feel good when someone compliments you? We as women, need to learn to give props to others. If we see a woman looking nice & neat. DON'T HATE. Tell them they are looking great.

 As you know, we have many styles that can cut down on the time that women spend trying to get ready. One, of those styles, are called stuffed twist updo hairstyles. They can be styled in a variety of ways & worn for many occasions. They're low maintenance styles that help you maintain your tresses while still giving you a glamour girl look.

 With an elegant but protective style like this, you're sure to turn heads. Have you worn a stuffed twist style before? If not, what's to it, but to do it!

Stuffed Twist Style

protective hairstyles
Hair Styles by Arica Hart

Featured Hair Style

Thanks to curvaceous redemption magazine for seeking me out about August 24, 2014, & naming this "styles by Arica Hart" as their hairstyle CR LOOK OF THE DAY. They also said, " Eye-catching! Neat and professional! This look is to die for."

stuffed twist
Stuffed twist hair Styles by Arica Hart | 803-215-1843

        A variety of stuffed twist styles.

stuffed twist hair styles
Stuffed twist Styles by Arica Hart
Styles by Arica Hart has also been featured in the hair section of a lifestyle magazine called Inveigle Magazine.

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