Are You Going to the Gym with Diabetes? Here are the 5 Critical Tips about Exercise for Diabetes

Going to the Gym with Diabetes

Here are the 5 Critical Tips about Exercise for Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and can be controlled with a positive lifestyle change. Do you know that you can control diabetes with a balanced diet and exerciseMost diabetic people walk to keep their diabetes in control. There are special diabetic shoes for men and women that can help. You need to dedicate a set time for exercise and be careful when you hit the gym. You can go to the gym if you are aware of safety measures.

Listed are 5 tips for exercising if you are diabetic:

1. Check your blood glucose and have a high protein meal

Blood sugar monitors are a boon for diabetic patients today. The level can be checked at any time of the day. If you are heading to the gym, you can check your blood sugar level for safety. It should not be too high or too low.
However, if it is on the higher side you can have your medicine for bringing the level down. Also, have a high-protein meal before you go to the gym. A pre work out snack 60 minutes before the gym can keep you energized.

2. Start with moderate exercises

When you start exercising in the gym, start with moderate exercises. You can start with warm-up first and then opt for stretch training. At the initial level, two or three days of stretch training should suffice.
You can increase gradually as and when you feel comfortable. Cover all the muscles of your body for stretch training. This will also help to build your muscles in a great way. Do not practice a workout if you aren't comfortable.

Do not practice a workout if you aren't comfortable.

3. Focus on large muscles during exercise

If you have experience in weight training, you can focus on large muscle exercises such as squats, bench presses, and pull-ups. After your warm-up session, you can practice 8 to 10 of these rounds or secondary repetitions to your gym workout.
But, it's important that you take a rest in between the workouts. Muscle exercises should make you feel comfortable. You can start with basics first and then move to muscle exercises.

4. Have unprocessed carbs and lean proteins

Before exercise, have foods that are good in unprocessed carbs or good carbs. You can have veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, and bread in your diet plan. Foods that have good carbs have a low glycemic index as compared to other foods.
These foods break down slowly to form glucose in the body. These foods provide a long release of energy along with a high nutritional value. You can also have lean protein foods that are not high in saturated fats or calories. Eggs, beans, and lentils are a perfect choice for lean proteins in the body.

5. Hydrate your body well

It's also important to increase your hydration if you exercise in the gym. Proper hydration provides a good cooling period to the body that's effective for strength training.
For warm-up exercises or a simple walk, you can also choose Diabetic shoes for men & women. The shoe prevents swelling, inflammation, and uneasiness during exercise.

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