Benefits of exercise

Updated: 9-16-2019

Benefits of Exercise

Are you ready to get up on your feet and dance to the beat.? Maybe lay on a mat and do some yoga. Or go cycling around the block. There are so many ways to exercise now. We shouldn't have any excuse not to exercise with all these great benefits.  Yes, when you read this, you may run and start your exercise program. Lol.

There are many benefits to exercising. It helps control weight, stress, health issues, & hair. I bet that has you ready to workout. If you don't like one type of exercise, There are many More types; such as yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, cycling, &, etc. Here are some ways exercise can give great benefits but check with your doctor first.

Hair, weight, stress, health
Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps to control:

1- Weight
It is commonly used. To help maintain or get weight under control. Some use weight lifting to gain muscle tone. Muscle tone weighs more but the appearance of it is much smaller and healthier than fat. You can weigh the same as another person, but if your is muscle; instead of fat, you will appear smaller than that person.

2- Stress
  Exercising increases your endorphins. These are neurotransmitters from the brain which makes you feel better. It helps change your mood. It helps me feel so much better emotionally and physically when I stay with a workout routine. Even if you just take a walk around the park or neighborhood. Get that blood circulation moving and those endorphins flowing to relieve stress.

3- Health
Exercising can help with many health conditions. Ranging from high blood pressure, diabetes, pain management, &, etc. Always check with your doctor first. Here are some ways How Yoga can help your hair, blood circulation, and stress.

4-  Hair
Read here to find out how Your hair reaps the benefits of exercising

Now that you know some benefits of exercise, you can weigh your individual situations and decide what you will do. Have a blessed and wonderful day!!


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