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Updated 5-26-2023

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Build your Business with Style and Determination

Are you ready to run your empire with style? Are you ready to step out and be the person you are meant to be?  Sit down and think about what It takes to run an empire. It takes determination, persistence, and style.

Determination To Succeed

To establish your empire, you must have goals. You must be determined not to give up on your goals. You must be determined to strive for the best, no matter what comes your way. With determination, nothing is impossible; therefore, stay focused on your goal.

You must be confident and eager to become the best that you can be. 

If you want to be that manager or CEO, start showing the qualities of a great manager or CEO. 

Whatever job title you want, you can have it if you have the determination to go for it. 

Example of a business success story:

There was a janitor in a hospital that was eager to be promoted to the next level of her life. 

This lady was determined to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Get appropriate education

She worked and went to school until she became a nurse. That was an accomplishment in itself, but she was not finished accomplishing her goal yet. 

She was determined to have the type of empire she desired. Through all the long hours at work, she was still determined to pick up a school book and study. 

She was determined to be a doctor; therefore, She continued her education even further until she succeeded and accomplished her goals.

*People may try to tell you that it's not for you, but you can't make it if you don't try!

The importance of persistence in achieving goals:

You must persist in getting the education and knowledge to succeed in the area you want to build your empire. Make sure you do everything in your power legally to Achieve your goals | Make something out of nothing!  Get the books and tablets you need to study. Review a little each day and never give up. Strive for the best, and you will succeed.

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Build your business with fashion style

The Intersection of Business and Fashion

You must be stylish. You want your appearance to represent that of a person of authority and dignity. 

intersection of business and fashion
Build your empire with style

If you were the head of a corporation, would employees take you seriously if you came into the office with dirty clothes and your hair wild? 

No, they would not take you seriously.

Who wants to make it to the top of the empire if that is the look and status you achieve.

I'm not saying we should be perfect because no one is, but present yourself with confidence, class, and style.
women business suits
Woman rocking Rossario 
George's dress suits for ladies.

If you look at the television show undercover boss, you will see they come to work disguised as a worker. This is so the employees won't recognize them in order to get a better insight into what needs to be improved on in the company structure. 

On the other hand, you better believe that the CEO carries his/herself in a professional and stylish way when conducting normal business activities; therefore, make sure you keep a professional and stylish look while building your empire.

Gentlemen can build their empire in a suit or attire that is appropriate to their career field. Ladies can also be fashionable in a business suit, dress, or whatever is appropriate for their business meetings and opportunities. I'm wishing you all much success in building your empire. Have an awesome and blessed day climbing to the top while wearing the right fashion styles for you.

*This Leopard print dress was worn for one of my business meetings.

*Side note - I admire those bosses on Undercover Boss for taking the time to improve their company and help their employees. Check out their show.

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