Mohawk hair styles are bold and daring, but also classy and sassy | what you know about that?

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Mohawk hair styles by Arica Hart

Mohawk Hair Styles

Mohawk hairstyles have been around for many years. There are a variety of types of Mohawk hairstyles; such as having the sides shaved, rodded, twisted, braided or etc. We are very creative & have so many unique ways of styling hair. Some mohawk hairstyles are achieved by shaving the sides & having volume or spikes at the top. 

Examples of people who wore mohawk hairstyles

Remember Mr. T wore a mohawk on his famous tv show years ago. His famous saying was, "I pity the fool"! 

The singer, Rihanna has worn a chic & elegant mohawk. You also may have seen her with more of a punk rock mohawk at times.  Either way, she rocked her mohawk style beautifully. 

These are examples of how Mohawks can range from a bold & punk rock look to a hip & chic look. 

Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles can be achieved by using braids, twist or buns on the side with some rods or weave in the middle. These techniques are used when a drastic change; such as shaving the sides of the head is not desired. 

What type of "hawk" do you like? Are you bold enough for a mohawk or do you like to play it safe? Whatever your desire, I'm sure there is a mohawk style waiting for you.

 It can be bold & daring or classy & sassy. There are no limits to the type of styles that can be designed into a mohawk or "hawk" as some people may call them. Enjoy your day & keep that hair looking right because you know how to rock a style... Be blessed!!!

Check out this video of a Mohawk hairstyle. It's trendy but has a conservative touch to it... Also, their are pictures below the video of a variety of mohawk hairstyles.

                        Rod mohawk hair style

          Another rod mohawk hair style 

            Cornrow braid mohawk hair style

                 Vintage fishtail mohawk hair style

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