Trendy And Conservative Hairstyles For The Working Class

By Arica Hart, Master Stylist 
 Contributor: Gregory Green, BS
Updated 12-12-2021

Trendy hairstyles
Trendy and conservative hairstyles for the working class

Trendy and Conservative Hair Styles

Hey you! Yea, I'm talking to you! You still thinking about how you going to get him to notice you? You still trying to look sassy & classy, but not trashy. Well, There are a lot of important factors in looking your best. Being clean, neat, and confident can carry a person a long way; whether it's for a job or for a dinner date with that special someone.

 There are so many options for hairstyles these days. A woman can wear some trendy & conservative hairstyles at the same time; meanwhile, saving time & money.

Women have many roles to play in society. They have to juggle jobs, families, & social events while trying to make time for themselves. You know the old saying, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." 

Women love to look glamorous for their significant other; meanwhile, they still want to be noticed in the business world for their expertise, class & style. What is excepted in the business office, depends on the type of job, you may have.
Women love to look glamorous for their significant other

Of course, there are setting wear you would not want to wear brightly colored hair; such as blue, green, etc. Most people would want their doctor, lawyer, judge, nurse, teacher, or etc. to hold their appearance to a more conservative standard than some other professions. 

Of course, you would look funny if you walked into your doctor's office and he wore an MR. T mohawk. Certain things are just more acceptable in certain settings. 

TrendSetter Hairstyles

Now, on the other hand, MR. T Was a trendsetter because now the mohawk is a very popular style for men and women. There are many different styles of the mohawk, ranging from an elegant mohawk to a bold and wild mohawk. 

There will always be someone who will be courageous and daring enough to be a trendsetter. For example, Grace Jones was not scared to showcase her uniqueness which reflected her intrinsic beauty. This bold & courageous lady was a model & movie star who also wore a mohawk. 

We are a diverse group of people. We each have our own desires and goals we seek in life. One thing, I have learned in life is just because you don't like something, doesn't mean another won't like it. People come in all shapes, races, and educational levels. People have all types of preferences for there hairstyles and fashion.

Being Frugal with Trendy and Conservative Hairstyles

Some may wonder, can you be conservative and trendy; meanwhile, being frugal. The first step is always keeping your hair clean and brushed neatly. Appearance goes a long way. Have confidence in yourself because it will show in your attitude and appearance. 

You may not always have the money to get a beautiful hairstyle every week, but you can make a plan for maintaining your beautiful tresses so you won't need reconstructive surgery on your hair later for neglecting it. Have a hair care routine for your tresses.

You know how it is, we try to look like BeyoncĂ© on Florida Evan's budget!! 

Sometimes you can be frugal by getting a Sew-in or some stuffed twist when you know you are going to be going through a rough patch. You may pay more for these styles in the beginning, but you can wear them longer. That saves you money because you don't have to buy weave again in two weeks.

Meanwhile, you are still keeping your hair looking pretty while having the extra benefit of protecting it. You also are having the benefit of cutting preparation time down for getting dressed. I wouldn't advise wearing them all the time, but it is a great option. 

If you're trying to get that executive job, look your part. Dress like an executive & get your hair like an executive while you are in school to become that professional person. 

That relaxing day at the hair salon can help alleviate some of the tension and stress, so you can study better. It will help you in your career by looking like you are dressed for success. Move from the basement to the executive office. That's right, You moving on up, like the Jefferson.

Steps to transform from looking like aunt Esther to having an executive appearance!! 

  1. Cleanliness- Keep your body & hair shampoo.
  2. Neatness- Keep your clothes neat & hair combed even if it's just a ponytail until you can get to the salon.
    Wear a neat ponytail
  3. Relaxation & Beauty- a nice visit to the salon for a relaxing shampoo & elegant style.
  4. Confidence- show Happiness & empower yourself to be able to conquer your goals. They won't know what hit them!
  5. Research- Check out beauty blogs like this one for more information and hairstyles.
  6. Hair Stylist - See a professional Hairstylist to help promote healthy beautiful hair.

Don't think in terms of not being able to afford a hairdo. Ask yourself, "do you want to maintain your beautiful tresses by keeping it healthy with regular salon visits like you do with doctors visit, or do you want to wait until you have damaged your hair and need reconstructive surgery. 

Do you want to have a conservative, but trendy style? You tell me. Are you moving on up? Lift your spirits up! Try something daring & exciting. I ain't trying to break you, I'm trying to help make you. You can be conservative & exciting while expressing your intrinsic beauty with a conservative hairstyle by Arica Hart; meanwhile, dressing and thinking like a boss.

You need your hairstyle to complement the workforce; as well as, your personal life. Have a great fashion style and wear hairstyles that make you feel comfortable and look professional.

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