6 Hair care tips for healthy hair

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Haircare tips for healthy hair

Haircare tips for healthy hair

We all love to look beautiful and keep our hair and bodies in shape. We aim to eat right and maintain a good fitness routine among other things. Who wouldn't love to have stunning hair that doesn't look torn to pieces and shabby? Well, we all may go through bad hair days at some point in life, due to sickness, stress, nutrition, and a variety of other reasons. That is why we should start preparing our hair while we can do something about it. I'll be talking about some hair care tips that may help prevent you from the disaster of excessive loss of hair. 

You may not be able to eliminate every cause of hair loss, but you can stop adding to the causes that make your hair growth stunt. Here are a few hair care tips that you can add to your routine.

Six Haircare tips for healthy hair:

1- Shampoo The Hair -

Have you ever seen someone with hair that was messy and unclean? It seems to throw their whole appearance off from being stylish and cute. Always, remember even if you don't have that perfect hairstyle, you should keep your hair clean of dirt and grime. 
Shampoo hair
Keep hair shampooed and clean

It helps keep the hair healthy; as well as, have you looking neat and clean when you go to meet friends or on an interview for that dream job. *Shampoo your hair every week or every 2 weeks to remove product build-up that can be clogging your pores.

2- Condition The Hair

Use a conditioner after each shampoo. Even if the shampoo says conditioning shampoo, you should apply a conditioner that helps maintain healthy hair growth to your beautiful hair. Make sure to not only apply the conditioner on the roots but apply it on the ends of the hair also. The ends of the tresses tend to be the most damaged because it is the oldest part of the hair. 

There are various types of conditioners to use at various times; such as 

  • Traditional conditioners
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Deep conditioners
  • Protein conditioners

3- Use A Hot Oil Treatment

Use a hot oil treatment to help maintain your hair. There are various benefits of  hot oil treatment:

  • Increases the moisture to dry hair and scalp.
  • Helps with dandruff
  • Improves hair strength
  • Reduces the amount of frizz in the hair.

Don't over-process the hair 

4- Don't Over-process The Hair 

Don't over-process the hair with chemical services; such as relaxers, hair color, and perms. Make sure to have them done professionally so that you can maintain the health of the hair.

5- Use A Heat Protector

Use a heat protector to protect the hair while using a curling iron, blow dryer, and other styling tools. This helps eliminate unnecessary damage to the hair cuticles. Those blow dryers and flat irons can give a nice, sleek finish to the hair that makes you want to flaunt around town but remember to think about the long-run of the harsh heat on your tresses. Also, make sure to use a heat-protectant. You know how some people protect their skin with sunscreen, well, give your hair some protection from the heat damage with a heat protector. That is if you want to keep your tresses on your beautiful head. It's all up to you. You choose if it's worth it to you.

6- Eat properly

Some healthy hair tips should always be used while trying to maintain your hair. For example, eating properly is a necessity for promoting healthy hair growth. You may get in a hurry with the everyday activities of life, and end up with not much time to prepare a healthy meal for you and your family. This can lead to a lack of proper nourishment for your hair and body. Nutrition is vital to helping your hair survive, just as it helps you survive.
According to NCBI
"Nutritional deficiency may impact both hair structure and hair growth. Effects on hair growth include acute telogen effluvium (TE), a well-known effect of sudden weight loss or decreased protein intake [], as well as the diffuse alopecia seen in niacin deficiency []. Studies have also reported potential associations between nutritional deficiency and chronic TE, androgenetic alopecia (AGA), female pattern hair loss (FPHL), and alopecia areata (AA) [,]."

Now that you know some tips that are vital to having a great hair care regime, what will you do? Will you pay attention to see if you're getting an adequate amount of nutrition? Will you put that protectant on your hair or continue to burn it out? Hmmm, well only time will tell. Remember, we will notice the results of whatever you choose. Have a great day taking care of your hair.

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