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updated 12-15-2021
hair growth
Hair growth tips

Healthy Hair Growth

Everyone desires to have healthy, beautiful hair. Whether our hair is short-long, natural, or relaxed; we aspire to have the healthiest hair we can have.

9 Tips to help facilitate healthy hair growth:

1- Massage the scalp.

Massage it to stimulate the hair follicles; which helps with hair growth and shine.

2- Don't overuse heat appliances

Make sure to use a product that minimizes heat damage when curling or blow-drying your tresses, because heated styling tools can cause the hair to dry out and become brittle. Excessive use of the blow dryer can cause damage to your hair
curling iron
Do not overuse heat appliances

3- Use the type of product that is best for your hair texture. 

What works on your friend may not be beneficial to your hair's health. We are all unique individuals with different needs for our hair.

4- Use a wide-tooth comb.

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair carefully. There are a variety of combs that can be used for detangling the hair. Make sure the tooth is wide so it won't tug on the wet hair. Here is a link on Bringing hair styling out of the dark ages !!

5- Always condition the hair after a shampoo.

Condition the hair even if the shampoo is a conditioning shampoo. Our hair needs the moisture put back in the hair that the cleansing process may have stripped away. It smooths the hair shaft making it more manageable. Here is a link to  Proper shampooing care !!

6- Have a well-balanced diet. 

Eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Our body, hair, and skin need the proper nutrition to grow and stay healthy. Your major organs will take the vitamins it needs for you to survive first. Then your hair and skin get what is left; therefore, make sure to check with your doctor to see if you are getting your adequate nutritional intake for a healthy body, hair & skin. Hair growth is affected by proper intake of protein, biotin, and vitamin A.
Eat Healthy foods for hair growth

7- Always rinse any harsh elements out of your hair.

Rinse out chlorine from the swimming pool or etc.

8- Get regular trims and hair maintenance by a professional.

 A hairstylist can give you the correct prescription ( hair product) for your hair!  At this link, Learn about  Regular trims are important to healthy hair!

9-  Exercise

 Exercise is important to healthy hair because it helps with blood circulation, which helps in hair growth by giving the follicle an ample amount of nutrients. Here is a link to learn how Your hair reaps the benefits of exercise.

As you have read, It takes a variety of things to keep the hair healthy, so make sure to plan a daily routine for the best hair care habits. Don't take a chance with your tresses. 

Help your hair keep a healthy glow; meanwhile, growing strong and vibrant.  

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