Bringing Hair Styling Out Of The Dark Ages And Into The Light

By Master Stylist: Arica Hart 
By Contributor: Gregory Green, BS
updated 4-18-2021

Hair comb and accessories
Hair comb and accessories

Hair Combs And Accessories Evolving Over The Years

 Could you imagine both you and your loved ones grooming one another by licking each other?  Cats, as well as other species within the animal kingdom, use their rough tongue like a comb in order to keep their coats clean. 

Try to visualize attending a friendly social event, which consists of family, friends, and complete strangers removing, dirt, insects, and other debris; for example, the crumbs from your favorite meal or bedtime snack from the hairs and ears of one another. 

Chimpanzees spend hours in such grooming activities; many of us would more than likely say,” Now that just too friendly and plain nasty!


Humans possess a variety of needs:

  • biological
  • psychological
  • and sociological needs.

For example, the need for affiliation & esteem needs, because people have an innate desire to be held in positive unconditional regard. The fastidious nature of humans has motivated humanity towards technological advances in hair care, and cosmetology as a whole.  We have come a long way in society.

With modern advances, we have styling combs, straightening comb & decorative combs which reflex contemporary means of grooming. 

Hair Combs and Accessories

Hair combs and accessories
Hair combs and accessories

How many times have you walked into a store & seen someone's hair that was a hot mess? You know what I'm talking about! 

We are not living in the days of the caveman. This isn't bedrock  & I'm not Wilma Flintstone. So let's get that hair together ladies. 

We may not always be able to see a stylist, but we can pick up a styling comb and make our hair appear to be neat. As you know, we use styling combs because we aspire to be stylish and fashionable. We want to make heads turn when we walk past someone.

Various Material And Styles Of The Hair Combs 

One of the basic hair necessities to help maintain and create beautiful styles is the styling comb which has been invented and improved upon for many years. They come in various styles and price ranges, depending on the material they are made from. Years ago, they were made from wood or animal bones. 
Hair combs
Bringing hair styling out of the dark ages

As time progressed, The Hyatt brothers discovered celluloid, the first synthetic plastic which made the price of combs cheaper and faster to make. This was good for the animals because they were no longer in danger of becoming extinct. 

People are becoming increasingly environmentally conscience, by creating environmentally friendly products that enhance both intrinsic and extrinsic beauty. Past generations lead the way for fashion Accessories.

Natural Hair and Inventions for the Natural Hair

I have seen some beautiful styles both natural and relaxed, but there has been an extreme increase in natural hairstyles lately. Yes, I must say, some of you ladies are rocking that natural look fabulously. 

As we look back over the years many of our parents or grandparents may have worn their hair naturally at some point. That brings me to another type of comb, which was used on natural hair. The Afro comb was one, but when a person wanted a relaxed look without the chemical they would heat a butter knife to straighten the hair.

 Straightening Comb & Flat Iron

straightening comb, flat iron
Straightening comb, flat iron, and hair styling tools

Later, the straightening comb AKA hot comb was invented. That was a significant improvement to the straightening process. The straightening comb is put on heat & use to press the curl pattern out of natural hair. When I think about this, I think about people at the beauty parlor getting all did up for their events and feeling like a million bucks. 

The straightening comb gave outstanding results, but now a lot of hairstylists are flat ironing the natural hair instead of using the straightening comb. Some patterns are easily flat ironed; meanwhile, others may still need the pressing comb. 

Decorative Hair Comb

Decorative hair comb
Decorative hair comb for special occasions

After the hair is either pressed or relaxed, it can be styled in a beautiful up-do style and accessorized with a decorative comb. Those pretty fancy combs that decorate the hairstyles emerged during the 1930s & 1940s. 

They were made from wood, bone, or feathers & decorated with gemstones or hand-paint. 

wedding hair comb
Beautiful decorative combs for up-do styles 

Today some of us are still wearing very glamorous Up-do styles. During prom and wedding seasons, you see beautiful decorative combs tucked in some up-do styles to accent the hair. So if you think this generation is the leaders of fashion, remember the past generations lead the way for style to repeat itself.

The Arrival out of the Dark Ages

So now that you and the stylist have the proper tools to help keep the hair neat, there's no turning back to the Stone Ages. I definitely have a styling comb to keep your hair neat; a relaxer for those who want a permanent transformation; and you can bring the decorative comb to glamorize your style. 

You are ready to Move out of the dark ages and step into the light. We are not Chimpanzees! So step into the salon & get you a variety of classy hair Styles by Arica Hart.

What are some things that you are happy we brought out of the dark ages into the light?

Have a wonderful day!

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