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Updated 2-19-2019

Relaxed or Natural Hair

In my opinion relaxed  and natural hair are both beautiful. I have seen some women with beautiful relaxer hair; as well as, with beautiful natural hair. Some people just know how to rock it; whether relaxed or natural. We have a diverse nations with diverse hair care needs.

 What fits one person may not fit another. Hair is prone to breakage whether it's natural or relaxed. It's  not the chemical state that the hair is in that cause the breakage, but it's the proper care of the hair that matters.

Yes, you can have long beautiful hair with relaxed hair or natural hair.

Hair Tips:

1- Don't over process the hair with the relaxer ( see a professional for your relaxer)
2- Keep the hair from drying out with a good conditioning shampoo ( relaxed  or natural hair)
3- Use a conditioner after shampooing, even if the shampoo is a conditioning shampoo ( relaxed of natural )
4- Keep split ends trimmed (relaxed or natural )
5- Eat healthy because adequate vitamin intake is important to hair, nails & skin. (relaxed or natural)
6- Comb the hair to keep it from matting together. ( relaxed or natural)

To sum everything up, the relaxed and natural divas both still have to have the proper maintenance of their hair for it to grow and not cause excessive hair breakage to their tresses. Neither one is a magic cure. Your stylist; whether, a natural or relaxed stylist is not "I dream of Jeannie or "bewitch". You and the stylist have to take care of the hair as a team. As I said above, you have to have the proper hair care routine, a proper diet, & a healthy lifestyle plays. It all plays a role in how the hair grows.

The main difference, I see is making sure the hair is not over processed. That wouldn't be a factor  for relaxed hair if you are going to a professional hair stylist. Again I say professional. There are different strokes for different folks. Pick what makes you happy & maintain the health of your hair, because if it's not healthy it want look right whether it's natural or relaxed. I say let's all just agree to rock our hair the way we desire, no matter what another persons opinion is, because we are the ones who have to wear it.

 Again be classy & sassy & maintain the good health of your hair. Team healthy hair is what " Styles by Arica Hart" desires for everyone. Be blessed and enjoy your day!!

Have a wonderful day

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