Do Not kill Your Hair With Excessive Use Of The Blow Dryer

Updated 12-08-2021

Hair dryer
Use Hair dryers wisely

Excessive Use Of The Blow Dryer

An incredible haircare instrument called a blow dryer can be employed as a destructive weapon to the hair cuticles if it's not managed properly. When styling hair, it is not solely about drying the locks, but also concerning achieving an appropriate haircare technique that will alleviate some chances of harsh damage to the hair while achieving that goal of protecting strong tresses.

 Growing Long And Healthy Hair is an essential aspect for some women to style their hair elegantly for a delightful day out with great style. 

Hair Breakage

Always remember, too much heat on the hair can damage the hair cuticles and start an unwanted cycle of events. 

Damage to the hair cuticle can leave the cortex exposed, which causes hair breakage. Those are those little short spots that eventually appear in your hair when it is not taken care of properly.

Tips on Blow Drying Your Hair Correctly

You shouldn't blow dry your hair every day; but if you do, 
  • let it partially dry to help minimize some of the heat damage. 
  • Use some type of heat-activated conditioner or protector on your hair while completing the drying process. 

Hair dryer
Do not overuse the blow dryer

After all, we aspire to look stunning; instead of our hair looking like it was just in a forest fire.

Yes, you want to have healthy hair and a flaming hot style that will knock the crowd out. So remember to take the proper Steps To Maintain Beautiful Healthy Hair.

Also be careful not to have the dryer so high that it burns the skin, nor too close to the ear because of the noise.

😎 Don't kill your hair with the BLOW DRYER "

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