Proper shampooing care

Updated 9-01-2020

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Shampoo your hair with love!

Proper Shampooing

Keeping the hair clean is important to maintaining a good appearance; as well as, a healthy head of hair. You should always shampoo your hair with all the love and care it needs to achieve those beautiful styles you like so much. It is important that you don't go too long without cleaning your scalp because the pores need to keep from being clogged with dirt and old oil. Not washing your hair for an extended amount of time can cause unwanted product buildup on the scalp and even hinder the growth process. 

Shampooing hair
Shampoo hair regularly

A Few 
Hair Care Tips 

  • Detangle hair before shampooing it. 
  • Shampoo the hair with the type of shampoo for your hair type.
  • After you shampoo your hair, make sure you use a conditioner. Even if the shampoo says two in one, a conditioner is still needed for good Hair Care.
  • Gently Comb through the hair starting at the bottom, working your way to the top, section by section to detangle. This helps keep you from tearing the hair. (The hair is very fragile when wet). Some hair may be so fragile that it feels like tissue. You don't want that!

For Fragile Hair

If it seems too fragile, you may need a protein treatment to help strengthen the hair. This puts needed protein in the hair to help repair damaged hair. A Lack of protein may cause hair loss, but you should have a professional check and see If you need a protein treatment. 

You don't want to have too much, nor not enough. My best advice is to see a stylist, just as you see a doctor or dentist for preventive care. Have a blessed and awesome day!

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