Achieve Your Goals - Make something out of nothing

By  Arica Hart
Updated: 12-11-2019
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Achieve your goals 

Achieve your Goals

As I look over life, I think of the many stages we go through. We all have up and downs. The secret is to remember when your down, there is nowhere left to go but up. So don't ever give up. Don't ever think this is the end; instead, think how can I make this negative become a learning process. 

What ideas can I dream of to help myself or anyone else in that situation? Every new invention came out of a place where there was a need for something. I'm saying capitalize on your hurt by inventing, dreaming, writing, and etc.  Use your irritant as your stepping stone to reach the goals you desire in life.

If you never try, you can never achieve it. If you never believe it, you can never receive it; so have faith that anything is possible.

People who kept trying for their goals and succeeded 

  • Steve Harvey - He once was homeless, but look at his achievements since he didn't give up and he knew who his faith was in.

  • Tyler Perry - He lived out of his car at one point in time, but look at him now.

  • Suze Orman - According to business insider, (Suze Orman) " the well - known Emmy- winning financial adviser, who has published numerous New York Times bestsellers, could not afford to move out of her van when she first moved to Berkeley, California, in the 1970s." 

If they can rise up out of their bad circumstances, so can you. Motivational thought - go for your dreams. You determine your destiny!

When you do rise, teach others how to rise also.

We must continue to teach others how to aim for success without giving up. Be a testimony to someone when you become who you aimed to be. Mentor someone into a life of success and not struggle. 

Help pick up the pieces to someone's sorrow by letting them know, I've been there. I made it through and so can you. Have a blessed and awesome day!

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