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By Arica Hart
updated 11-07-2020

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Accessorize Your Style With A Hat

Hats can be a great accessory to a hairstyle and a fashion statement. They can dress an outfit up or down; meanwhile accentuating the beauty in a curly or straight hairstyle.


Are you ready to step out in style?  Are you ready to accessorize your outfit and hair? Drive off with style and sophistication. Rock your hairstyle with class and elegance. Try a variety of hats to see which type fits your facial structure. Make sure you always accessorize your outfit.

Styles by Arica Hart Rocking her Hat

Reasons To Wear A Hat

 There are many reasons to wear a hat. Some individuals wear hats at the beach to help block the sun. Some wear hats with casual wear just to step up their style game. Others like to step out to church in a hat. For whatever reason, make sure to see if that hat fits your attire. Ask a friend, if you're not sure. A good friend would be honest with you.

How To Wear Your Hair With A Hat

You can wear some Long hair Extensions or your own hair. You can wear your sew-in or your hair curly, wavy, or straight. Then pop on that hat to ride out in style. 

Styles by Arica Hart | Accessorize

Extra Accessories With Your Hat

While you're rocking that hat throw on a pair of shade and protect your eyes while making a fashion statementHave a blessed and awesome day!!😎

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