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Updated 7-26-2021

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Enjoy life with the right shoes for your fashion style

Is Your Shoe Game On Point?

Life is full of beautiful and intriguing things. As a lady, it fascinates me to see so many beautiful types of hairstyles and clothing. Have you ever seen someone wearing an outfit that mesmerized you? Your attention was so focused on them, that you just had to ask them where they purchased their captivating attire. It was as some say " drop-dead gorgeous!" The shoes just added life to the outfit!

We as women need to learn to not be afraid to compliment someone's style. Let's face it, you have to know how to put things together unless you have a personal stylist. 

I don't know about you, but I don't have a stylist. I do have the eye to put together ensembles that I like. That is what matters most, that I'm comfortable in it. 

Of course, you may have a hater or two who don't like what you wear, but secretly try to dress like you. That's ok too. Be graceful with whatever comes your way. After all, we are ladies!

We rock high heels with high standards!!!

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Is your shoe game on point?

When purchasing shoes

Make sure that your Shoes; whether stiletto, tennis, or casual shoes compliment the outfit you are wearing. You want the shoe to be not only the right color but the right shape to pull off a head-to-toe package. 

Sometimes I try a few pairs on with my outfit to see which one I like the best. If I find a shoe I just love, I may buy it and put it up until I find the right ensemble to wear with it. After all, we like things that make us feel good about our appearance. 

You choose the fashion style that you like to wear with your shoe glam and help make your day; as well as, fashion a little better.

What makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and alluring?

There is nothing that makes me feel sexier than some appealing high heels. Well, maybe a few things. Lol, but We love a great pair of heels. 

Shoe Quality

shoe quality
Check your shoe quality before you leave the house

Quick story ladies.

I was strutting in my 6-inch heels looking fine. Well, that's what I was told. Guess what happened next! I couldn't believe it. I had just gone through one of the most embarrassing moments in life. My sophisticated and graceful walk turns into an embarrassment of my heel breaking. 

That gorgeous pump I left the house with was broken. Thank God, I was by a car to grab on to. The point of this story is to let you know, no matter how beautiful your stilettoes are; check their stability before you leave the house. This will save you from a fashion emergency.

Therefore, you want to make sure your stilettoes are color coordinated; as well as, still in good quality condition.

Check out this shoe quality checklist before you leave the house so that you won't be stressed walking out that door. Oh, and definitely have those feet looking right when you step out on the town. Have an enjoyable day with style and class.

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