Some people experience depression during the holiday season

Some people experience  depression

Some People Experience Sadness

Everyone is not always happy and gitty doing the holiday season. There is not always a jolly elf jumping around and Christmas carols in the winter air. While some are shopping for gifts, baking cakes, and kissing under the mistletoe; others are filled with sadness.

Between the end of the year stressful activities, over-drinking, family problems, and loss of loved ones; things can get very hectic. Depression can set in and cause life to seem hopeless. Yes, it's a sad thing to think about.

Some people experience depression during the holiday season

We need to be mindful of the feelings of others. Just because we are jolly, doesn't mean someone else is not lonely or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Business associates and friends

Have you ever seen a business associate that moved to town for a job opportunity, but don't have the time or finances to travel back home? Looking at others with their family can cause them to not be in a jolly mood. I encourage you to speak joy and happiness into the life of anyone you know like that this holiday season.


It's Sad to say, but some don't even know where their next meal will come from for the holidays or any day. Just because someone looks like they have it together, doesn't mean everything is wonderful in their life.

Help someone cope with depression by 

  • Sharing a meal with them.
  • Spend time talking and laughing with them.
  • Surprise them with a professional hairstyle or spa day to relieve the tension and stress.
  • Be a secret Santa for a less fortunate child.
Relax with a great shampoo

There have been cases where a relaxing shampoo, massage of the hair, gives a person a feeling of relaxation where they forget about their problems for a while. The massage of the scalp can help the blood flow, which helps the circulation and relieves some tension from their body.

Therefore, while you are walking around singing Christmas songs, reach out to someone. Have a happy and wonderful Holiday season. Learn how to Remove stress and move on with your life because you deserve to be happy. You deserve to have joy and kindness surrounding you. If you are feeling depressed yourself, here are 25 ways to find joy and balance during your holiday season.

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