Relieving stress and moving on with your life

updated 10-21-19


Relieving Stress

Removing stress from your life can seem difficult. It can seem overwhelming. No matter what you do, some obstacles seem to get in your way. It seems to slow your progress down.

Did you ever think that a delay in traffic that kept you from getting to a meeting on time was set there to keep you from being in that accident that may have occurred a couple of miles ahead? Did you ever think, you're not getting that promotion may be training you to reach even higher for a better position. Did you ever think not getting that house you wanted was setting you up to wait for a better house to become available? No matter what obstacles you go through; use it as a training experience. Use it to motivate you for better things in life. Stop stressing about this and that. Get up exercise, read a book, eat healthily and do other positive things.

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Stop stressing


Are you motivated to workout? Are you willing to put in the work to relieve some stress? Join a gym or walk around the neighborhood. Get up get out and get the endorphins pumping. Get a work out buddy; where you can workout, laugh and talk. Get things off your mind while working your way to a healthy body. The benefits of exercise are great for stress and other things.


Reading helps relax the mind. Have you ever been reading a book; meanwhile, catch yourself falling asleep? You're filling your head with knowledge and relaxing your mind at the same time.

Eat Healthily

You know the old saying that you are what you eat. Well, let's not try to run to that sugar for a pick me up all the time. Boost your mood with some healthy foods. According to Dr. Mercola, Some of the best foods to eat for stress are

  • Green leafy vegetables 
  • Organic turkey breast
  • Fermented foods
  • Blueberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocado

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    Best foods to eat for stress.

Details on 10 superfoods for stress relief

Positive thinking

I know it's hard to think positive all the time. When you feel negative thoughts creeping up, listen to an empowering message. Sometimes, read a book or Google people who have come through the same circumstance as you or worst. This will help give you some hope. It will help pick those stress levels up by seeing we all go through things, but we get up and keep going. Your circumstance can turn around when you least expect it to. Relax and let the stress go. Take time to meditate before your next task. Always remember, Do not turn a temporary trial into a permanent situation. This to shall pass. So let that stress go.
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