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Some women make simple Mistakes that can be very detrimental to the health and growth of their hair. You must be very careful to have a healthy hair care routine that suits your particular type of hair. Here is a list of some common hair care mistakes to avoid below.

Some Common Hair Care Mistakes:

1- Not conditioning the hair. - even if the shampoo is a conditioning shampoo, you still need to condition the hair with a separate conditioner to keep the hair from drying out.

2- Not trimming split ends. - this can cause the hair to continue to split up the hair shaft causing you to eventually have to get a hair cut; instead of, a trim. Regular trims are important for healthy hair.

3- Not putting moisture on the hair. - Use oil sheen, oil, or grease to keep the hair from drying out. 

4- Over processing the hair. - putting relaxers in before there is a sufficient amount of new growth can cause the chemical treatments to overlap and eventually damage the hair cuticles. This can cause hair breakage.

5- Not protecting the hair when you go longer between relaxers. -  If you go longer than what is recommended for your hair type, you should use a protective style. Learn about A few steps to gorgeous and healthy Sewin hairstyles. Also Growing hair with a protective style; such as weaves and braids.

6- Not protecting the hair while sleep. -  You should sleep in a silk or satin bonnet or lay on a silk or satin pillowcase.  This helps protect your hair from becoming dry and rubbing out.

7- Having hair braided too tight. - hair can be fragile; especially the edges. Make sure your edges are not braided too tight. If the hair is already thin and fragile, try a style that you can leave the edges out or take the braid in a different direction.

8- Using excessive heat. - Using curling irons and blow dryer appliances on the hair every day can cause heat damage which dries out the hair and breaks it.

9- Not making sure the weave is clean. - I know this seems like a no-brainer since most people buy new hair each time. That's awesome, but there are some people who purchase hair for $200 or more and want it sewed in again. 

Make sure the weave is high-quality
Make sure the weave has the proper care

In that case, they must make sure they properly shampoo and condition that hair as if it was their own. Make sure to dry it well. Make sure to use clean hair which helps keep bacteria and germs from building up. 

New hair is always better, but if you are not using new hair, make sure it's clean and dry for your Sewin installation.

10- Not eating and exercising. - Eating right and exercising helps to maintain proper blood circulation which affects the hairs' nutritional source. Your Hair growth is affected by proper intake of protein, biotin, and Vitamin A.
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10 Hair Tips

Make sure to remember these tips as you do your daily hair care routine. Have a blessed and awesome day!

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