A few Steps to gorgeous and healthy Sewin hair styles | hair stylist inan Aiken, SC hair salon


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Sewin hair styles by Arica Hart | hair stylist in an Aiken, Sc hair salon

Sewin Hairstyles for women

Sewin hairstyles can be so glamorous; meanwhile, giving you the flexibility to wear your hair in different and unique ways. They are eye-catching, thrilling, captivating and alluring. For years, movie stars have worn them to change their appearance for a movie or to look fantastic walking down the red carpet. They are worn for a variety of reasons; such as to change the hair color, to change the

length or texture (curly, wavy, or straight), and to keep the hair healthy from harsh elements & curling iron heat! Wow, who knew years ago that women would have so many options for the way they wear there hair. The creativity leaves many beautiful women walking out of the salon with a new attitude. They are ready to rock their style in everyday life and on the red carpet; meanwhile, having the benefits of Sewin hairstyles. Have you ever wished to try a weave, but didn't know what to do? Well, let me tell you a few things.

Steps to gorgeous, but healthy Sewin hairstyles:

  1. Buy quality hair- the quality can make or break a Sewin. 
  2. Shampoo & condition natural hair before weave installations
  3. Comb weave carefully -Hold the hair near the braid while combing to alleviate tension or stress on your natural hair.

*Check out the videos below of some fabulous ladies rocking their Sewin hairstyles .

Stunning and versatile Sewin hair styles by Arica Hart | can be worn in a ponytail also !!

Elegant Sewin hair styles by Arica Hart


Radiant Sewin hair styles by Arica Hart


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