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protective hairstyles
A variety of Sew-in hair styles by Arica Hart

Sew-in Hair Styles

There are many reasons to wear Sew-in hairstyles. They can be used to protect the hair & to change up a person's look. Women love to be versatile with their looks depending on what or where they are going. An important requirement of a sew-in is to maintain your hair's health underneath it, in a healthy quality.

Protection of the Hair

Sew-in hairstyles are protective styles for a couple of reasons. They protect the hair from harsh elements that may cause breakage. Sometimes, women overuse curling irons & blow dryers. The heat from these appliances may damage the hair cuticle causing hair breakage eventually. While wearing a Sew-in, the hair underneath has a chance to not get tugged at while combing the hair. This gives it some rest time.

Versatility in Weave Styles

The weave is also used to give women a variety of looks. Women can wear Sewin styles with curly, straight, long, or short hair. Some women want to wear a short look without cutting their hair; therefore, the weave is installed & cut shorter. Some women may want a curly look without having to sit under the dryer for hours; therefore, they may get extensions that are already curly installed into their hair. The pattern of curls can vary a lot.

Sew-in styles by Arica Hart

protective styles
Sew-in hair Styles by Arica Hart

Hair Maintenance

Last but not least, you must still take care of the hair under the Sewin hairstylesMake sure to use good quality hair when getting a Sew-in. Good quality hair helps the style to last better; as well as, helps the stylist to be able to give you the desired look. You know the saying, "you get what you pay for." 

Make sure your hair is conditioned well after your shampoo before the weave is installed... Human hair can be washed; therefore, you can go back to the salon to get a fresh style while keeping the hair under the weave maintained.

Video of Sew-in Hair Styles by Arica 

A video of Sewin hairstyles


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