Getting bored with your hairstyles ? Travel the road out of the woods into the new ages !

By Arica Hart
Updated 12-04-2019

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Tips to change up your hairstyles

Getting Bored With Your Hairstyle?

Are you getting bored with your same old same old hairstyle? It's starting to be a habit. Everyone always knows what your hair is going to look like when you walk in the door. Well, ladies you better keep that hair looking fabulous but change it up sometimes.

Make them notice When you walk in the door. Well here are a few tips to change up your hairstyle from just ordinary to extraordinary!!

Try something you have never tried before 

How about trying a hairstyle that is the opposite of what you usually wear. Who knows, You might just like it !! NOOOO, you might just love it. I'm not talking about anything drastic but maybe change from an up-do style to a wrap style. Or vice versa. If you want to completely change the look of your hair texture, try having a different type of hair sewed in. Hair weave ranges from straight, wavy, curly, & natural-looking.

With all the advancements in the hair industry, there is no way you shouldn't be able to find more than one style you like to wear. 

Surprise your man sometimes by walking into the door with a new do. He may just surprise you with a sparkle in his eye brighter than before. You may even get him to search the website with you for hairstyle ideas.

Find new styles on social media :

Take the time to Google different types of hairstyles. There are a variety of social media sites you can find various hairstyles on; such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Sometimes I get lost in the time while viewing different styles and fashions. Hey, you can even find hair " Styles by Arica Hart" on these sites.

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Travel the road out of the woods into the new ages
With a "Styles by Arica Hart"

Ask your stylist for creative ideas :

You may go to your stylist and see if they can give you any ideas. If you truly trust your stylist let her/him use their creativity on you for once. Just make sure to let them know the things you definitely don't like ahead of time because they can't read minds. Just realize for certain styles you have to make certain adjustments. You may have to buy weave, cut your hair, or etc. depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Well, make sure that you have your mind ready to achieve your new look by searching the web & being open to your stylist creativity. Have a new and improved attitude to go with that new look. No matter how good you look, if your attitude is nasty, it will make you look nasty. I know none of you have nasty attitudes, so go get that hair slayed and laid for your next adventure. Look me up if you are ready for a styles by Arica Hart. Have a blessed and beautiful day !! 😃

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