Hair Loss Can Be Affected by Iodine Levels

Updated 12-26-2021
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hair loss
Hair loss and the lack of the right nutrition

What Can Cause Hair Loss

Did you have beautiful, healthy hair that encaptured the glances of the ladies and gentlemen as they treaded through your path? Now, you wonder what is happening to your beautiful tresses. What is causing your hair to break just as rapidly as it grows? 

Hair breakage
Haircare to help stop hair breakage

Well, let's talk about a factor that can affect your hair retention. As you know, we need a robust body in order to have healthy hair. One source to help in maintaining healthy locks is having a sufficient amount of iodine in the body.

We need iodine for the healthy growth of our hair, bones, and teeth.

Hair loss can be a common sign of a lack of 

  • Iodine
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  •  Zinc
"Zinc plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair. It also helps keep the oil glands around the follicles working properly. Hair loss is a common symptom of zinc deficiency"

Check with your doctor to see if you are getting your proper nutrients to help have healthy hair, skin, organs, & tissue. If you don't get enough iodine, your thyroid won't function properly. This may cause hair loss, because of the lack of thyroid hormone. Iodine is an essential element of your hair's health. According to Livestrong, 

"adults need 100 mcg to 200 mcg of dietary iodine daily."

People and animals need iodine:

Just as people need iodine to maintain their hair health, animals need it also. Farmers have known the value of iodine to the health of their animal's coats for years. 

According to, 

"Sheep farmers noticed that iodine-poor soils produced iodine-deficient plants, which produced iodine-deficient sheep." 

Those sheep had a poor quality of wool. It shows the need for iodine in the diet of humans and animals in order to have healthy hair. The lack of iodine in humans can cause poor hair growth.

Iodine May Prevent or Reduce Hair Loss:

It has been said by, 

"Taking a nascent, vegetarian form of iodine may prevent or reverse hair loss." 

Your doctor can check your iodine level if you think that your hair shedding can be due to a lack of iodine. If you have a thyroid disorder from iodine deficiency, make sure you only take what the doctor prescribes for you. Try to eat iodine-rich food sources to help with your iodine sources.
Strawberries, foods rich in iodine
Strawberries are rich in Iodine

Good Food Source of Iodine:

  • Iodized salt
  • Seafood
  • Kelp
  • Dairy products: milk, cheese, and yogurt. Iodine levels in dairy products vary based on the amount of iodine in cattle feed.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are grown in soil that is rich in iodine. 

Livestrong states, 

"While iodine may affect hair growth indirectly via its effects on thyroid function, and directly, when applied as a topical treatment for alopecia areata, not all problems with hair growth and hair health are related to iodine deficiency. A number of factors may influence hair growth, including heredity, aging, medical conditions and deficiencies of other nutrients such as protein." 

Therefore, make sure to check and see if you have the proper intake of a variety of vitamins & keep your medical conditions under control to help alleviate hair loss. Now, it's time to dominate the runway with your strength, elegance, and beauty. Make them heads turn. Let's go ladies & gentlemen. Have a healthy mind, body, soul, & hair. 

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