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Lifted braid Hair Styles by Arica Hart

Lifted Braid Hair Styles

Are you ready to try something different? Do you desire to intrigue your colleagues, class mates, and peers. Well, I have just the style you may want to captivate their attention. Instead of an ordinary braid, try a lifted under-braid with ridges. You can design the lifted braid in a variety of styles to fascinate your peers. How about it, you know you want to try it. Don't be plain and boring, be exquisite, flawless, and admirable to the people you come in contact. Make all attention draw to you and your beauty.

 I must throw in; ladies, make sure you get some education to go with your beauty. Be the best you can be in all ways. Have a beautiful mind, heart and soul. I don't just care about your physical beauty, but your beauty as a whole person. Remember, I'm Arica Hart, the stylist with a heart !!!

Lifted  braids with twist  | hair styles by Arica Hart

Lifted braid  with French roll | hair styles by Arica Hart

Mohawk with a Lifted braid  | hair styles by Arica Hart

Lifted braids |  hair styles by Arica Hart

*Don't be stressed, look your best, & step out fresh with a hair styles by Arica Hart

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