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updated 8-19-19

Watch me rock this hair Styles by Arica Hart

Rock your hairstyles and clothes with confidence. The way you walk, talk, and feel about yourself will show in your attitude. Self-assurance can be spell-bounding and intriguing; therefore, make sure to never let anyone make you feel down on your self. Keep your hair clean and neat. Rock your hair style with class !!

Let them watch you work them hairstyles. Of course, you may have some haters who may try to put you down, but it's up to you to know your self-worth. Never let anyone make you feel less than desirable.  Be confident without being cocky. 

Gracefully thank people when you're complimented for rocking that hairstyle because it takes courage to give a compliment! Ok ladies, work your hair styles! Rock your hair styles! Be all you can be, not only with your physical beauty but educate yourself with mental beauty. Rock your intelligence and hair styles!

Watch the hair video below:


2-  Hair growth is affected by proper intake of protein, Biotin, and Vitamin A

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