Dread Crochet styles can be on natural or relaxed hair : hair styleinspired by Bob Marley.....

Updated 9-05-2020

protective styles
Styles by Arica Hart | Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids

Crochet styles are a type of protective style which can be installed in many different ways; such as, dreads, twist, & braids. The  dread-crochet style is a wonderful way of having versatility in  your hair styles because it can be worn on natural or relaxed hair.

It can give you a dread appearance without having to actually grow dreads; therefore, you can take it out and go back to your natural or relaxed happearance.

This styles is a time conscious version of the dread lock extension. It is much easier to take out. So if you are looking for a different look, but don't want to grow your own, nor spend 11 hours for installation, a dread crochet style may be the style for you. 

You can decorate them with a bow or head band if you desire to. So if your looking for a dread look without making it permanent, try a dread crochet styles by Arica Hart.

Crochet styles can be worn on natural or relaxed hair. Here is a picture & a video of a dread crochet styles by Arica Hart. Rock your style today !

Video of crochet style- dreads

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