The Versatility Of Crochet Styles | Dread, Straw Set, And Partial Updo | 3 Hairstyles Made Out Of 1 Crochet

By Arica Hart
updated 1-11-2021

Crochet braids
3 Hairstyles Made Out Of Crochet braids

The Versatility Of Crochet Styles

There are different styles for different individuals, but this crochet braid style can be transformed into a variety of glamorous styles.  Make the versatility of the style work for you, not you work for style. Start with the style of your desire and build on it with creativity and flair. You can start off with a dread look if that's your desire and transform into a straw set look for those days out on the town. 

When you're ready for that evening delight and want to make everything look right, wear a sophisticated partial up-do with elegant accessories to show off your class and pazzaz. Make eyes open and heads turn when you walk into a room.

Photos of the 3 styles created out of 1 crochet 

Dread crochet style
Dread crochet hairstyle

Crochet hair style
Straw set crochet hairstyle

Crochet hair style
    Partial updo crochet hairstyle
   Crochet hair style 
 3 styles in 1 crochet hairstyle


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