Healthy hair

By Arica Hart
Updated 6-25-2017


Healthy Hair Care

 We all want healthy hair! Most people desire to have healthy, elegant hair that can wow the crowd and make them feel confident in their appearance. It does not matter if we have long or short hair!

There are some key elements to healthy hair ! 

 1-  Eat right to maintain the proper nutrition for our hair.
 2- Exercise to keep the blood circulating properly in our bodies to help nourish our hair.
 3- Keep it trimmed regularly, because split ends will continue to split if it is not clipped into better health.
 4- Get protein treatments when needed to strengthen the hair.

 I will be discussing each one of these elements to obtaining healthy hair in more details in my future blogs! you can find my hair styles & info on My blog & social sites! If you love hair, LIKE " Styles by Arica Hart" on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube , & twitter ! Be blessed STYLES BY ARICA HART
Styles by Arica Hart

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