Crochet braid and Updo hair Styles by Arica Hart

By Arica Hart
updated 5-30-2017

black hairstyles
Styles by Arica Hart

Crochet braids and updo hair Styles by Arica Hart

This crochet braid is created to have the hair styled a little different  at the top, from the rest of the hair, giving it some spice. This updo is created with a large braid and just the right amount of charm. These ladies are rocking these styles beautifully. Call 803-215-1843 to schedule your appointment for a hair Styles by Arica Hart.

Crochet braid Hairstyles

crochet braid hairstyle
Crochet braid Styles by Arica Hart

protective hairstyles for black women
Styles by Arica Hart

Up-Do hairstyles

updo hairstyles for black women
Updo hair Styles by Arica Hart

updo styles for black hair
Hair Styles by Arica Hart

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