Casual fashion in the park

By Arica Hart
updated 5-30-2017

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Casual Fashion

Casual Fashion 

Some days you may want to wear a relaxed, comfortable outfit. You know, put on a pair of jeans and a shirt to go about your daily activities. You may want to Walk around town making a fashion statement; meanwhile, being oh so comfortable.

I personally took a beautiful adventure for my day out and around town. Of course, I had to throw some high heel boots on with my casual outfit, but I felt so free on this excursion. I usually wear dresses and pants suits, but wanted to calm it down to a more casual look for this outing.

Arica Hart in casual Fashion

This day was so beautiful for a nice walk, afternoon lunch and some relaxation. The smell of the air was breathtaking. The scenery was beautiful.

Jeans, clothing, style
Casual fashion at the Park

As I relaxed and viewed the scenery, a nice fresh breeze began to blow my hair. The wind caressing my neck, with just the right amount of breeze. The day was delightful.

Fashion style
Relaxing at the park in casual fashion

I decided to wear some blue jeans with a pop of color which was an orange shirt. Try wearing you a casual and comfortable outfit every now and then. Have a awesome day.

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