Partial Sewin and braid hair Styles by Arica Hart / versatile

sew in
Hair Styles by Arica Hart

Partial Sew-In And Braid Hairstyle

 She is rocking a partial Sew-in hair style with a couple of under braids at the top. This style can jazz up your formal or business attire. When wearing a Sew-in hairstyle; make sure to go to your stylist to get a shampoo. This helps maintain the healthy condition of your hair, giving it time to grow.

We should also try to eat good, so you can receive the proper vitamins while sporting a Sew-in or any hairstyle. Sew-ins help protect the hair from being tugged on daily; as well as, protection from heat appliances.

sew in hairstyle
Sewin hair Styles. BY Arica Hart

Sew-in hairstyles are versatile and elegant. This young lady came back for her two weeks scheduled salon appointment to get her hair shampooed and conditioned. She left with a different look. She rocked the under braid, then changed to a crown over braid (pictured below) while maintaining elegance.

Just because you have a Sew-in doesn't mean you have to keep it the same way all the time. Have a consultation with your stylist before purchasing the hair to see your options for versatility. Then, another option is you may want to get you a  trendy hairstyle.

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Partial Sewin with. Crown over braid hair Styles by Arica Hart

Recap of steps to take while wearing a Sew-in.

  • Visit the salon for shampoo & upkeep of the style.
  • Eat healthy and take vitamins to maintain the strength of the hair. Check with a doctor
  • Wear satin cap to protect the hair.
  • Be careful not to cut the hair while removing weave.

Partial Sewin hair Styles by Arica Hart

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