Lifted braid hair style for those trendy and classy days

updated 1-19-2020

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Lifted braid Hair Styles by Arica Hart

Lifted Braid Hair Styles

We have so many varieties of braid hairstyles; ranging from, cornrows, goddess braids, micros, blocks, crochet, under braids, fishtail, and lifted braids. Lifted braids are a very trendy and unique way of wearing a braid hairstyle. They can be worn all over or added with another style.

It is an under braid lifted from the scalp & sculpted in a beautiful, adorning hairstyle.

This style can be designed in a variety of ways with various numbers of lifted braids. 

The ladies can wear this style to work, school, & other events; meanwhile, holding their head high while they mesmerize the room with elegance & class !!

Lifted braid hair Styles by Arica Hart

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Lifted braid Hair Styles by Arica Hart

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