updated 1-11-2020
Grandma's advice
Article by Gregory Green, BS

Contribution of life Experiences

 My life experiences have caused me to gravitate towards this observation. There are multiple variables that contribute to the uniqueness of any specific individual. 

For example, as we navigate through life’s experiences and intricacies, individuals develop an individualized style of coping with environmental factors in order to obtain basic biological, psychological, and social needs. 

Therefore, life experiences whether vicarious, empirical, or practical learning allows individuals to develop a multitude of talents, and skills, which contributes by proxy to the phenomenon of creativity.

Lessons from Family

It is my belief that women should strive to exemplify strength, courage, femininity, beauty, intelligence, & compassion for their fellow humans. ("LOVE THOU NEIGHBOR")

I challenge both women & men to model positive character traits so that our youth can assimilate those values which we hold dear; arming them with the necessary tools to make both ethical & moral judgments. 

I also challenge everyone to acknowledge the contributions of our seniors (GRANDPARENTS), for it is their values that have been passed down to future generations; for instance, honesty, self-determination, work ethics, &, etc. 

This video is a reminder to me of those values, and the special uniqueness of us all!                                  

              **Video by Arica Hart & Brittany Hart**
                 Video of Grammy said, "DO THAT HAIR!"


Think about some value or memorable experiences that you learned from your parents, grandparents, caregivers, family member or teachers that you would like to pass on to the future generations!
"It takes a village to raise a child" 

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