Winter hair tips

By Arica Hart
Updated 6-6-2017

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Hair care tips for the winter.

Winter Hair Tips

During the cold months, you may wear a hat or scarf to keep you warm or to jazz up your outfit. There are some protective measures, you may want to take to protect your beautiful hair.

Hair tips for the winter.

  • Be careful of the tightness of the hat, so it want break the hair lines off. One way to protect your hair from rugged hats is to sew a satin cloth or bonnet under the hat. It will protect your tresses , just as a satin cap protects your tresses while you sleep.  It doesn't have the rough edges to snag the hair.   
  •   The hair may tend to dry out more in the winter; therefore,You need a moisturizing conditioner more often. 
  • A good PROTEIN treatment does wonders to help protect the hair from breakage.

      Let's pay close attention to how we treat our hair because when summer comes, we want our hair to still look awesome !!!! 

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