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Updated  1-14-2022

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Hair and skincare

Hair And Skincare Tips

Hair and glowing skin can bring an elegant glow to our persona. There is a refreshing look of beauty. You know when the skin is so beautiful it stops all of us in our tracks. We ask ourselves, "what does she do, to get such gorgeous skin?" Let's face it, nobody is perfect; but we all have beautiful qualities about ourselves. You beautiful ladies and gentlemen know what I am talking about. Well here are some tips to help you strive to keep fresh glowing skin.


Don't we all love when our face has a beautiful glow? 

Sometimes the smallest things can take away from that glow by spreading bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated. Sometimes you can have dry skin that needs nourishment.

Some steps to help combat those irritations are:

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Eating healthy can affect your hair & skin

  • Wash your hands before touching your face - try to avoid letting your phone touch your face & other objects that collect sebum and skin residue too often.
  • Wash your face in the morning & at night - to remove bacteria that accumulates on your skin. Washing your face 1 time a day is not enough because it is exposed to bacteria from the air all day & night; therefore, you must keep it clean! 
  • Avoid excessive sunlight - use sunscreen.
  • Avoid smoking - it may damage the collagen and elastin.
  • Control stress- it can cause acne breakouts.

 Time states,

"While stress alone isn’t the cause of acne pimples — age, hormones, acne-producing bacteria and other factors are at play — it’s evident that stress can trigger breakouts and make existing acne issues worse."

While you sleep at night, the skin is in repair mode and will secrete toxins and sebum, which can prevent your daytime products from working effectively; therefore make sure to thoroughly clean it. 

Beauty tips for women
Beauty tips for women

Remember we should strive for the whole package: 

  • A pleasant attitude avoiding stress as much as possible, because it can cause hair loss
  • A beautiful, clean & neat hairstyle.
  • A clean glowing face. maintained by a great skincare routine.


Have a BLESSED & BEAUTIFUL day!!! 😎

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