Color With Confidence: Tips for Finding a Hair Color You Love

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Tips for Finding a Hair Color You Love

 7  Tips for Finding a Hair Color You Love

Did you know that people have been changing their hair color for thousands of years? Many ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans dyed hair using hennas and bleaches. So, why does it seem to be human nature to want to alter hair color from time to time? Probably because playing with your hair color is one of the easiest ways to reinvent your look and have fun with your appearance.
Modern color technology now offers more color possibilities than ever before. How do you make a color choice that you love, and that suits you? Here are some great tips:

1. Don’t be shy

There’s a myriad of possibilities when it comes to hair color, no matter what your natural shade is. With the latest color technology and techniques, the only limit is your imagination.
You might prefer color in a natural shade. Go blonde, from platinum blonde to golden honey tones or somewhere in between. Go dark, with a glossy head of luxurious chestnut brown or jet black hair. Shades of grey and silver are bang on trend right now, no matter what your age, and are so soft and flattering for many.

Rainbow Hair color
Try any color of the rainbow

Alternatively, you could do something completely different. Try any color of the rainbow: Fiery scarlets, vibrant blues, or purples, for example. Add pops of color for a fun and playful look. Or consider soft and subtle gentle washes of pastel tones like peach or lilac.

2. Don’t stick to one tone for a more natural look

Natural hair is unlikely to be a single color. It may be lighter where the sun has caught it or darker underneath. Most people’s own, uncolored hair is a spectrum of tones rather than one shade. If you wish to change your hair color drastically but keep a natural appearance, you will need to use more than one tone to do so.
Balayage is popular right now. The term comes from the French language and means “to sweep or paint.” A color technician paints chosen shades through the hair using a freehand technique. Unlike other traditional color techniques, no foils are used so that the results are more blended and less uniform. You can stick to natural tones or more vibrant colors blended through your hair, like blues or bright reds.

3. Be guided by your skin tone

Before you allow yourself to fall in love with a certain shade, you need to know if it’ll suit your complexion. Choose the wrong shade and you may end up looking a little washed out and tired, or certainly not at your best. On the other hand, a new color in the right tone can even help enhance the natural beauty of your skin.
It is widely agreed that warm hair colors work best with warm skin tones and that cool colors work with cooler skin tones. So icy blonde will suit you better if you have pale skin and warm reds will suit you if you have brown or golden skin tones.  

Video of skin type 1 - Pale skin

Video of skin type 4 - Olive skin

Video of skin type 5 - Dark brown skin

Video of skin type 6 - Black Skin

4. Head to the salon

If you are in any doubt about the kinds of colors that may suit you, a professional technician is definitely the best person to turn to for advice. They can quickly assess your skin tone and recommend the kinds of colors that will suit you best.
There are many other reasons for getting your hair colored professionally, not least because a reputable salon will use high-quality products and the best techniques for ensuring your hair is colored safely. All products used in a good salon are extensively tested to ensure safety and the best results. Your color technician will choose the right products and create a personalized formula to optimize the condition of your hair, as well as a color you love.

5. Think of your color technician as an artist

When you choose a salon with experienced color technicians, you get much more than “a person who dyes hair.” These technicians have had years of expert training and much experience. This means that they have an eye for:
  • Colors that will work for you, and colors that won’t.
  • Colors that are on-trend, and colors that are not.
  • Colors that mix, colors that don’t
Think of your colorist as an artist and they will think of your hair as a canvas. They have access to a whole kaleidoscope of colors. And with a dash of creativity added to a whole lot of expertise, they can do amazing things.

6. Take your time

A drastic change of color isn’t something that should be done on a whim. Take some time to look through magazines for inspiration, chat with friends for their insights, and think things through.
Don’t worry about being pressured or rushed into making a decision by a color technician. You should always opt to meet your technician for a consultation where you can discuss your preferences and they can recommend some options. You can then return to the salon for your color appointment at a later date, feeling confident in your final choice.

7. Look after your new color

Finally, you may need to adapt your hair care routine. Even with the best products applied by a professional technician, it is inevitable that your new color will fade over time. 

There are lots of circumstantial and environmental factors that affect your hair’s ability to hold its color:

  • Shampooing
  • Heat styling
  • Chlorine
  • Saltwater
  • Sun exposure
  • A dry climate
To lessen the effects of these and to preserve your new color for longer, try the following:
  • Use a hat and sun protection products for hair when outdoors.
  • Use low sulfate or Sulfate-free shampoos.
  • Try professional hair care products. They are milder and gentler and should strip less color from your hair than supermarket products. Ask your color technician for advice as to which product may be best for you.
  • Use a protective product when you heat style for your hair.
Exploring color is so fun. To find a color you love, be yourself, be playful and make sure you seek out an experienced, well-qualified color technician. What exciting shade will you go for?

Contributor: Hillary Kozma is the Owner/Managing Director/Creative Director of Kozma & Kozma Salon. Having built the foundation of her skills with an apprenticeship under a direct protege of Vidal Sassoon, Hillary, and her husband opened Glow American Salon in Qatar in 2007 before expanding to Dubai as Kozma & Kozma in 2016. Hillary is hailed by the media as a “pioneer in her field” for introducing new talents, concepts, philosophies, and techniques to the Middle East.

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