Why do some men go bald? Are genetics to blame?

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Why do some men go bald? Are genetics to blame?

Why do some men go bald? Are genetics to blame?

Male pattern baldness can start at any age. It is common in adult men. Baldness can occur due to many reasons and it is not only men that suffer from it. Women can also suffer from this. Why baldness mostly occurs in men? There are some reasons for it.

When we discuss the dynamics of the baldness problem, a number of questions come to mind. 

🗹  Why do some men go bald? 
🗹  Are genetics to blame for this issue?
🗹  What causes baldness in women

Do you want to know the answer to these questions?
If you want to know why some men go bald and what role genetics plays in this matter, this topic is for you. Continue reading to know more about this important topic.

What Are Actual Reasons Behind Baldness?  

What Are Actual Reasons Behind Baldness?  

We have from 80,000 to 120,000 hairs on our scalps, and we have hair fall out every single day. Losing a small number of hairs is not an issue; losing about 100 or more than 100 hairs is known as abnormal hair loss.
There are a number of factors that might be behind abnormal hair loss. Some of the reasons can also cause baldness in women. In some cases, the genetics or genes of the person are to blame for the hair falling out.
Some researchers have traced a link between male pattern baldness and androgens (male sex hormones). Please note that androgen is not just a sex hormone. It has many purposes, like hair growth.
Losing hair rapidly is not always a problem to be worried about. 

Sometimes, hair starts falling out due to: 

  • its natural growth cycle
  • the onset of hormonal imbalance
  • medical disease
  • or the use of medication.

The Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle weakens due to male pattern baldness, and the hair follicle shrinks as a result. To this change, finer and shorter hair starts growing on the scalp. This way, the growth cycle ends a bit early.
There will be no side effects if a person inherits baldness. 

On the other hand, baldness often results from serious causes; for example, 

  • certain cancers, 
  • thyroid conditions, 
  • medications,
  •  and anabolic steroids.

To know what is causing your hair to fall out, you should visit a hair growth expert to dig deeper. If you take practical steps in a timely fashion, you will be able to avoid hair thinning and baldness.  
Restore Hair Growth
Restore Hair Growth On Bald Areas

Options Available To Restore Hair Growth On Bald Areas

If you need to know how much will a hair transplant cost in your case, you should visit a hair restoration surgeon and have a checkup. As long as a health condition is not causing hair loss, you do necessarily need to consider a hair growth treatment. However, you should save your hair by taking advanced treatment. Here are some options to consider:


The hair loss or baldness issue can be hidden through a hairstyle. You should discuss it with your hairstylist to learn more about it.

Hairpieces or Wigs

Some people may like to wear a wig or hairpiece to hide hair thinning or baldness. A hair attachment treatment can attach a natural-looking hair system.

Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are a type of hair extension that is sewn into the natural hair. To have this service provided, the person must have enough hair to sew the weave into their braided hair. Hair Weaves can stay while sleeping, playing, or working.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

It is a world-famous topical medication for hair growth. It is available in the markets in the form of liquid and it is supposed to be applied to the scalp directly. This medication is known for triggering hair growth.
Please note this treatment does not work immediately; you will be able to see its results after four months but it can take one year to deliver in some cases. If you stop using it, the hair growth may also stop.

 It can cause the following side effects:

  • Scalp scaling
  • Scalp dryness
  • Scalp burning
  • Scalp irritation

Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar)

Unlike minoxidil, this medication is oral in nature. Mean to say, you will have to take it like you take tablets. It is known for slowing hair loss in men. Actually, it blocks the hormone that causes hair to fall out. Though it is not as common as minoxidil, its success rate is quite high. 
Just like minoxidil, it takes some time to deliver the desired results. It can take three to twelve months to deliver the desired results. 

Some of its side effects are enlisted below:

  • Hives
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Depression
  • Breast growth

Hair Transplants

It is a surgical and invasive treatment that can restore hair growth naturally. This option comes with some downtime and side effects. It is safe and ensures hair growth in bald areas.
Hair Thinning
Avoid Hair Thinning and Baldness.

Last Word Reasons Of Baldness In Men And Treatment Options

If you want to know why some men go bald and what role genetics plays in this matter, this topic might have helped you. If you have gone bald in some scalp areas, you should try a hair transplant to restore hair growth naturally. This procedure is not cheap and it can cause side effects and also downtime exists.
In the end, we can say that a hair transplant is a good option to restore hair growth naturally. If you need more details, feel free to visit a hair restoration surgeon in your town. Alternatively, you can read more articles online. You can also refer to the following sources for more details. Wish you all the best with your hair restoration and appearance goals.

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