A Variety Of Updo And Wrap Hairstyles

     Updated 1-29-2022

black hairstyles for women
Beautiful black updo hairstyles with twists

Hairstyles For Women

Here are a variety of hairstyles for women. As you know, there are different strokes for different folks, so check out these hair Styles by Arica. Below are two Beautiful and stylish up-do hairstyles and a stunning wrap hairstyle for black hair.  The first updo hairstyle was created with twists in the back, a curly ponytail, and foldovers in the front with a piece of curly hair dangling to grace the face. The second updo hairstyle is has a high ponytail with twists on the side and foldovers in the front.

Up-Do Hair Style

updo hairstyles for black women
Updo styles by Arica

ponytail updo hairstyles for black hair
High ponytail hairstyles for black hair

Wrap Hair Style

styles by Arica Hart, wrap hairstyles for long hair
Wrap hair Styles by Arica Hart

If you are looking for a different type of hairstyle, check out these crochet braid hairstyles.

Don't be Stressed, Look your Best and Step out Fresh with a Hair Styles  that you love and can't wait to show off

Hair Styles by: Arica Hart  | Words by: Arica 

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