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Updated 10-20-2020

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Bring the crimp back in your hairstyle

Be Confident Wearing Crimp Hairstyles

Are you ready to bring the crimp back into your hair style? Are you ready to be jazzy and confident in your style, your walk, and your talk. Well ladies you know our attitude and confidence changes for the better when we know our hair and clothes are looking right, our shoes are not tight, and we look out of sight! We feel fabulous. Yes, yes, yes, you know what I'm talking about! Rock your crimp hairstyles for black hair with style.

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Crimp hairstyle for black women

You can bring the crimps back to your life with a mohawk, ponytail, updo, and a variety of other hairstyles.  

* Warning... Don't get sea sick looking at these waves called Krimps. Lol!!

Crimped Mohawk Hair Styles By Arica Hart

 This beautiful young lady below is wearing a side crimped  Mohawk. It's pinned up in a style by Arica Hart's creation at the top middle section of the hairstyle. It can be worn on many occasions. She wears it with such sophistication. You better get you one or be left out.

Black Crimped hairstyles, black  Mohawk hairstyles, black hair styles, African american hairstyles
Mohawk hair Styles By Arica Hart

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Crimped Ponytail Mohawk Hair Styles by Arica Hart

This beautiful young lady is wearing a ponytail with some pincurls and fold-overs designed by me to capture the elegance of the style. Well she rocked it. What about you? Are you ready?

Ponytail, hair styles for black women, weave, black hair Styles, krimp
Sassy hair Styles by Arica Hart.

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Take a few minute &  Check out this video:

Hair Styles by Arica Hart

Hair stylist in an Aiken SC hair salon, hair stylist in an Aiken SC Beauty salon, black hairstyles,
Hair stylist and hair Styles by Arica Hart

Now you have seen a couple of crimp styles. You can find links to more Articles to view below. Have a blessed and awesome day. I look forward to seeing you in the salon!

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