Fashion Elegance at the beach

Updated 8-29-2019

Fashion Elegance on the Beach.

Fashion Elegance on the Beach

Have you ever been on the beach watching as the waves mesmerize your eyes as if you had just seen it for the very first time? Have you ever felt like you were just as astonishing as the bright blue sea and more vibrant than the glistening sun? You can be all that and more. You don't have to just have beach attire at the beach. You can mix it up, but it depends on if your getting in the water at that time or just viewing the scenery.

Fashion at Pier Park at Panama City Beach

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Panama city beach  | Arica Hart

 I've always wanted to look great on the beach and off the beach. Let's face it, we may not want to wear a bikini the whole time of our beach getaway. We may want to walk the strip at the beach with elegance and grace. We may stroll down the pier with our significant other; captivating their attention.

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Pier Park at Panama city beach | Arica Hart

I wore this black jumpsuit with a cluster of pearls necklace and a pair of stilettos. Yes, I carried some flat shoes just in case. This was not to wear on the actual sands of the beach, but for the pier & stores on the strip.

Panama city beach - Arica Hart of Styles by Arica Hart

Fashion on the Pier at Panama City Beach

This jumpsuit can also be worn without the necklace! 

 I stood on the pier and removed my shades from my eyes, as I watched In astonishment at how beautiful nature is. The glistening, warm sun which sparkled on my hair, slowly disappeared into the sky so that a flushing moon could appear. The scene was beautiful and I was experiencing it first hand.

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Fashion worn by Arica Hart
Fashion on the beach | Arica Hart

 I remember the breeze of fresh air that began to blow my hair and the waves at the same time. It was a breath of fresh air. My jumpsuit was comfortable and graceful. Just remember to wear what you want to wear, when you want to wear it, as long as it's tasteful and not breaking any laws wearing it. You know, at that moment, if you are trying to be wet and wild or sexy and sophisticated with your fashion. You choose what is right for you and when it is right. Have a blessed and awesome day filled with sunshine and smiles!!

The Sunset on the pier

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