Hair show in Atlanta , GA | Feb. 2015

This is me, ready to leave out for the Bronnner Brothers International hair show in Atlanta, GA

Hair stylist in Aiken, SC | Styles by Arica Hart
The hair show was awesome. There were lots of beautiful styles ranging from free flowing hair, beautiful vixens, and fantasy styles. There were people to see & styles to view. Some styles were not meant for the business office but they were very creative & neat. The stylist had such beautiful detail in their hair styling techniques.

I love to see any professional hair stylists whom have such pride and great attention to the detailing in their hair styles. You can tell when they really care about the canvas (artistic styles) they are creating & how it represents them. It was a great opportunity to mingle with other stylist & go to educational classes to continue the learning process.

Here are just a few of the many creative styles I seen at the Feb. Bronner Brothers International hair show 2015. I must say, they are very neatly sculpted together. (Artistic, expressive & creative)

Hairstyles I seen at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show

A few styles seen at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show | Feb. 2015

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