Thanksgiving Recipe ideas | Balancing Cooking, Shopping, And Family Time

updated 11-03-2021
Thanksgiving dinner
Balancing Cooking And Family Time

Holiday Recipes And Family

Thanksgiving is approaching very quickly. Sometimes we are so caught up in preparing meals, visiting family and friends, and doing holiday shopping that we forget to breathe. We need to take time to sit down and smell the roses. While enjoying your precious quality time, take a look at some great recipes your family may enjoy during the holiday season.

Holidays and Family Fun

Don't forget to take time out of your busy schedule to spend with your loved ones. Enjoy your family and friends. Have a little turkey. Eat a little dressing. OMG, I can't wait for some mouth-watering sweet potato pie or candy yams with all the fixing. Mmmmh mmmm good.

I can taste all the delicious foods right now. It makes me feel warm just thinking about families and friends gathering together to be grateful and thankful for everything.
Thanksgiving dinner with family
Thanksgiving dinner with family

Take care of yourself during the holidays

As you go through with the holiday festivities, make sure to take time to care for yourself as well. Take time away from the hustle and bustle of life's surprises. We all need to relax so that we can relieve some stress and be better prepared for the task at hand.  

It's important to note that taking care of yourself is important not just for your wellbeing but also to be able to take better care of others around you. "This is similar to being told while on an airplane to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting another. If we pass out, we aren't going to be any good to anyone else," says Dr. Grammas. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Here are a few holiday recipes, you may want to try.

I have not tried these recipes yet, but they look yummy. They are on my "meals I want to try" list.

Here Are Some Turkey Recipes:

  • Easy Thanksgiving Recipe

Picture: Martha Stewart


These recipes look fabulous, like a lot of love was put in them. I can't take the credit for making them, but I'm going to eventually try to make them. 

I give shout out to these fabulous cooks & all of you out there that know how to throw down in the kitchen. To view some of my hairstyles by Arica Hart or other recipes that I have pinned of meals that I may try, follow me on Styles by Arica Beauty Blog Pinterest page

After Dinner

Make sure to be careful out there, when you do that Thursday & Black Friday shopping. Find ways to save and enjoy the holiday season without breaking the budget or making your stress level rise. 

Hit the link to this article to see 10 tips on holiday spending | ways to save and make the best of your money, if you need some holiday shopping tips.

Do you have any fabulous recipes or shopping tips? 

What"s your thoughts on the Holiday season?

 Are you ready for BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING? 

Let"s talk about it in the comments below !!

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